Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Four Barbarian Generals (Celestial Empire Book 3)

Han Quan’s dragon has been put to rest.  The Empire beholds a moment of peace, a brief hour of victory, though at great cost.  

The Imperial City has suffered significant damage from the dragon’s assault, the turmoil between the Five Kingdoms has escalated in the face of a continuing rise of dark forces now attributed as a curse upon the Song Dynasty, and Han Quan himself remains at large.  Pursuit of the geomancer uncovers secrets connected to the persisting influence of the late Scholar General, and to the School of the Seven Mystics itself. 

While the Phoenix continues to rise through Xu Liang, the dragons of the mortal plane begin to awaken.  And as the southern kingdoms unite and rise against Xu Liang and his barbarian allies, the people of Ji continue to look to their ‘Silent Emperor’, some believing that he is favored by the gods, even above the Empress herself. 

With Ying threatening to turn away from the Mandate and Du promising to join the southern rebellion, it seems that the heart of the Empire stands alone, unaware that the efforts of the Barbarian Generals will help determine the outcome of this battle between kingdoms. 

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